Improve Your Health and Obtain Goals with the Game SuperBetter

Everything starts from needs or desires that b...

Everything starts from needs or desires that become goals. In order to achieve their goals people frame intentions that lead to actions. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Often if your trying to obtain some type of goal or make some improvements in your life, it might help to make a game out of it, and you can do just that if your looking to improve on your health as well as set goals you want to reach by using the game SuperBetter to help you achieve your health goals, for more check out the service SuperBetter.

Play New Games on a Old Laptop with an External Video Card

EGA Video card (Genoa Spectra EGA Model 4800 (...

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If you play video games on your aging laptop and a new title that just hit that you must play requires a higher video card requirement than what you current are capable then you might want to check out this article that has a way to hack your laptop to use a external video card, for details check the article out HERE.

How to Catch Baseball World Series ’11 Online

Pickoff attempt during one of the games. Frank...

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If your into your Baseball World Series games but don’t have a schedule that allows you to sit and watch the game live, then the next best thing is to catch the game online, and for that check out this link HERE.

How to get a Vintage look to your Old Roms with CRT Filter

Nintendo Entertainment System 2

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If your into playing old NES, SEGA or other system roms on your computer then you’ll probably be shocked to know you can even give your screen that old school 16-bit look with a CRT filter, for more check out this article with details on the process, HERE.

Use Mindbloom to play a Game and keep yourself Healthy

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If you like playing games online like mafia wars and other little games to pass the time then perhaps you should consider a game that will actually have some impact on your real life, and with that said you may want to check out the game Mindbloom that will keep you health while having some fun, check out the service MindBloom.

Health Month has you playing a Game while Keeping Healthy

two shopping trolleys an example of the imager...

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You probably like games and you love to stay healthy why not marry the two things off by playing a Online game called Health Month which can lead you to adopt certain lifestyle changes that can really help you out, while you also play a game against others, for more about the game check out the Health Month site.

Vented Video Game Controller for the Sweaty

A drawing of an old school, retro video game c...

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Do your hands and Video Controller get sweaty after playing for awhile and wish you could do something about it, well this DIY project might be just for you, build a Video Game Controller that has a fan to keep it dry, sounds wild, check out this article for more details on the project, HERE.

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