Outdoors Person or Gardener? Then you might want to get social with YardShare

Gardener Gardening

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You may have thought social networks were limited to teens and others that have no life, but social networks can bring people together that have common interests and in this case those interest happen to revolve around Outdoors people that take on all types of tasks and Gardeners that want to share the fruits of their labor can now share what they have achieve with the social network YardShare.

Getting your Garden Prepared for the Winter

Dying and dead plants

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If you don’t want to stop growing your Garden because the Winter is here then you’ll have to take steps to get it prepared for the colder weather, and to that end you might want to check out this article with some very helpful information HERE.

DIY Aeroponic / Hydroponic Garden Controller

An Aerogarden using hydroponics and aeroponics.

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If you have a spare Lamp timer around and some free time to mess with it to get yourself a control for your Aeroponics / Hydroponic needs then you need to check out this video that give the details to automating your garden, look at the video HERE.

How to Preserve Herbs

Sea Salt

If you grow your own Herbs in the summer you might be at a crossroads now that the summer is winding down, and your wondering how to keep my herbs over the winter until the next harvest, well maybe you need to get some sea salt and a few jars ready for the winter, check out this article that has more on how do preserve herbs, HERE.

Keep Garden Tools safe in Sand

Some Pruning tools that can be used to maintai...

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Did you know that you can extend the lifespan of your garden tools by simply putting them in sand when your not using them, check out this article that explains the logic behind this practice HERE.

Homemade Fertilizer with Epsom salt & Water

Magnesium sulfate heptahydrate

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You may be amazed at the prices for some good Fertilizer at your local store, but did you know that you could make your own Fertilizer with some Epsom salt, water and reading this article HERE.

Plan your Next Garden with this Web App

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Your always a little bit off with your garden and you wish you had some type of way to get some help with things, well maybe you need to plan the garden better, and you might want to check out this great Web App that can get you on your way, HERE.

Companion Planting


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This is a technique where you plant plants that will compliment each other in some mutually benefiting way, sounds pretty good, check this article that has more details on this type of gardening HERE.

Upside Down Bucket Garden

DIY Level Crossing ! This level crossing allow...

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Check out this pretty neat upside down garden you can construct with some buckets, some time, and a green thumb, check out this article for details on the DIY project HERE.

Altoid Garden

Focus, Tower Park, Poole, Dorset. Focus DIY an...

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Your into a garden, love to have one at work, but it has to be something that you can fit onto your desk, well this DIY project is for you, create your own mini Altoid Garden using this article as a guide HERE.

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