Get Rewards for Checking into Retails with CheckPoints

When it comes to checking into somewhere you usually think about Foursquare’s and someone losing their mayor status over a location, but with CheckPoints you get rewards for checking out of places which can lead to various rewards, for more check out the Mobile apps homepage, CheckPoints.

Find People that Been to the same Foursquare locations as you with InterSquare

Foursquare (social networking)

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If your a user of the Geo-Location service Foursquare then maybe you would be interested in checking out the service InterSquare which sees who’s been at the same locations as you on a regular basics, that way you might be able to meet a new friend, check out InterSquare.

Gift Ideas from Geolocation Social Networks like Foursquare?

Image representing Foursquare Solutions as dep...

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Came across a great article that has a way to get ideas for gifts for your friends and family this holiday season, since you are on Foursquare or another Geo-location based social network (Gowalla, Facebook Places) , perhaps check the places your friends are checking in lately or in the next day to see where you might be able to snag a gift for the special someone, check out the article HERE.

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