Value Calculator Uses Google Doc to Find Best Gift for Your Spending Money

Calculator (Windows)

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When your on a limited budget or when you rather spend on something worth it than just to spend, it can be a little hard to determine what is worth your cash, but this Value Calculator can help you figure a little bit of the mystery out, for more check out the Value Calculator.

Use Facebook To Find Gift Ideas for Friends with Shopycat

When it comes to getting gifts for your loved ones and friends you want to make sure you get them something they want, but how do you do that without directly asking, or always listening and paying mind to what that person says, well know you can use their Facebook profile to figure out what they may like, and the app that will help you achieve this is Shopycat.

Tourist Gift Cards are the way to go

Assortment of gift cards

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Did you know that there are special types of gift cards like a Tourist Gift card that can offer discounts that can chip a few dollars of your next purchase, check out more information about these types of gift cards HERE.

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