Gnome Do is a App Launcher for Linux

Tux, the Linux penguin

Image via Wikipedia

Perhaps your not happy with the default Gnome launcher that comes with your Linux distro, and your looking for an alternative, well you might want to check out the program Gnome Do for Linux.

Change Ubuntu Unity 11.10 into a more GNOME 2 Look

Screenshot of Ubuntu Software Center in Ubuntu...

Image via Wikipedia

There are many people out there that find that the new Ubuntu Unity 11.10 look is a bit off beat and they rather the look of the GNOME 2, and to that end you might want to check out this article that talks about some tweaks you can perform the get Unity back to a familiar look, for more on the details check out this article HERE.

Fedora 14 Released Today

Image representing Fedora as depicted in Crunc...

Image via CrunchBase

There is a new version of Fedora being released today, which improves on several different areas of the Linux Operating system, check out the distro HERE.

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