ChromeOS Sports a new look, Various improvements


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Although you may get confused by ChromeOS being some type of flavor of Android, it is anything but this, with the two OSes only sharing a common *Nix background, ChromeOS thus far has just been a pipe dream of Google’s, asides from it being placed on a few Chromebooks, ChromeOS hasn’t seen much buzz, but that might change with the most recent update of the OS, sporting features like an improved desktop, taskbar, and a Updated UI, for more check out ChromeOS.

Splashtop For Windows. A Chromium Based OS

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So all you do is internet based, and your ready to make the leap and move to an OS that is totally about the internet, well check out Splashtop a OS based on Chromium, It will work on most windows machines, for more information check out their homepage HERE.

Android Device Slowing Down? Speed It Up Again!


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Like all devices, well most, over time the internal workings of the OS that runs the hardware may become sluggish due to, history, logs, cached information and may other factors lead to your device working differently than the first few days when you got it, well here is a great guide to take your Android Device for a tune up and have her running like brand new, check out the article HERE.

Chrome OS Update/Chrome Web Store Launch

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So its been awhile since I heard and serious news about the development of the Chrome OS, but thats of course when Google will come out with something, and today they gave a little preview of what we can expect mid 2011 when Chrome OS will appear on at least 2 netbooks and possible other devices. Check out the Lifehacker Review of the Chrome OS HERE. Also open today is a Chrome Web store, which will be used to sell WebApps for the Chrome OS, the idea is that you don’t have to always be online to use someone of these apps anyways, so you can now purchase them from the store, find more information about Chrome Web Store HERE.

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