Take your Google+ Hangouts Video to YouTube with Google+ Hangouts on Air Feature

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Google+ Hangouts is a pretty easy way to stream video live to whom ever your looking to reach out to, but you can now also have that video stream automatically saved to YouTube using the Google+ Hangout on Air feature, for more check out this official blog post HERE.

Google+ Hangouts offers Apps that can be very Useful

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When you think of Google+ Hangouts your probably thinking of a virtual lounge where geeks meet up to chat about crap, but you probably would be shocked to find out that you can actually use Google+ Hangouts for collaborations on different projects for instants you might want to check out the Cacoo Diagram/Flowchart apps, for more regarding what amazing things you can do with Google+ Hangouts check out this article HERE.

Google+ Gives Hangouts a Bigger Screen, Makes Screen Sharing Official

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As the social network Google+ continues to mature, part of that process is to make some of the current features more friendly, and one way to do that is to increase the screen size of your Google Hangout, and Google+ also made Screen Sharing an official part of the networks features, for more check out Google’s Official Blog HERE.

Google+ Hangouts now part of iOS apps

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If you are part of the Google+ social network and are using your iOS device to access the network, you’ll be pleased to know that they just updated the iOS version of the app to now be able to join Google+ Hangouts, for more on the addition of this feature, check out this site HERE.

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