Enhance Your Google Music experience by Enabling some Google Music Lab Options

Ecco Google Music, la Sfida ad iTunes

Ecco Google Music, la Sfida ad iTunes (Photo credit: Promo Blog)

When it comes to using the service Google Music, you may be pleased with the experience you get out of the box with the service, but if your looking to get more out of the service, then you might want to check out the Google Music Lab where you can get access to features like Desktop Notifications, HTML5 Audio Player and other features, for more check out this Official Blog post HERE.

Download all your Saved Music from Google Music

次はGoogle Music Beta

Image by yoshinari via Flickr

If you have been using the service Google Music, then you might be upset that you couldn’t download all your saved music in the past, but now Google Music is allowing you to download all of your saved music, or select the tracks that you want to download, its your choice, for more check out this official Google Blog post HERE.

Google Music Out Of Beta, Ready For Prime Time Action

Google Fractal

Image by Junyu Wang | 王俊煜 via Flickr

Google Music has been out for awhile but it was just in the early stages until now, Google Music is officially out of Beta, and has ironed out a few issues while improving on the interface, among other things, for more check the Official  Google Music Blog Post.

Play your Google Music with GMusic on your iOS device

Image representing iPhone as depicted in Crunc...

Image via CrunchBase

If your a fan of Google Music but your using an iOS device like an iPhone you can still use a Google Music style player to play your MP3’s using GMusic for iOS.

Google Music Downloader Firefox Extension

Google music search Product Launch(March 30th ...

Image via Wikipedia

If you are using Google Music and you wanted a way to download your music to your computer, then you might be interested in this Firefox Extension that can make the process a bit more simpler, check out more about Google Music Downloader.

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