Google+ Gives Hangouts a Bigger Screen, Makes Screen Sharing Official

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As the social network Google+ continues to mature, part of that process is to make some of the current features more friendly, and one way to do that is to increase the screen size of your Google Hangout, and Google+ also made Screen Sharing an official part of the networks features, for more check out Google’s Official Blog HERE.

Google Search tied into Google Plus More Tightly

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In a move that can’t be that shocking Google Search results now will reflect results based on your Google Plus habits, which for the most part won’t mean much, but the results will be altered a bit, perhaps that just means a Plus button next to search results or certain pages being moved ahead of others based on your Plus usage, for more check out this official Google Blog Post HERE.

Google+ updates with New Features

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If you haven’t joined up the new Social Network Google+ or Google Plus then now might be the time to give it a try, by trying out the network you’ll be able to take advantage of new features, for more on the recent changes to Google+ check out this official Google+ Blog Post HERE.

Google+ Debuts “Find My Face” Feature for Auto Photo Tagging

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The New Google Social Network Google+ or Google Plus has added a new feature called “Find My Face” which will automatically tag you in pictures with your mug in it, which might be useful as well as scary, for more on this new feature check out this official post HERE.

Google+ Now open to Google App Users

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As Google has opened the doors to its newest Social Networking network Google+ you’ll find that they have further invited the public to join the network by making it easier for existing Google App users to join the Google+ network, for more check out this Google Blog Post HERE.

G+7 is a Google Plus(Google+) Client for Windows

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If your using Google+ and your looking for a way to access the social network from your windows Desktop you need not look past G+7 for Windows which will place you in the mix of your Google+ network right on you Desktop, check out G+7 for Windows.

How to find Google+ Hangouts

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Your on Google+ finally and your trying to find ways to get the most out of the service, and you stumbled across Hangouts and want to try it out, but you don’t have enjoy people on the network to really try this feature out, well find hangouts on Google+, using this great web service, HERE.

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