Get DuckDuckGo Instant Answer Results in your Google Search Results with Chrome Extension

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Perhaps you have always wondered if you could get the Instant answer feature that is part of a DuckDuckGo search and combine that with a Google Web Search results, because perhaps you prefer Google For web searches, you can get the best of both worlds, by employing the Google Chrome extension DuckDuckGo Zero-Click Info.

Google Knowledge Graph introduces a Visual Search on the Side

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Sometimes you probably wish you could get a different type of result from a Google Search, one that was more about connecting you with ideas related to your search term, or perhaps to view your search results in a different type of way, well you may be pleased to see Google’s new Google Knowledge Graph that will slowly be rolled out to users, that gives you a new set of results that will appear on the side of your Google Search, for more check out this article HERE.

Add Favicons to your Google Search Results in Chrome/Firefox

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It might be useful if you had the Icon that represents a site in your Google Search to more easily locate the page your trying to go to, and to that end you might want to check out these solutions that will give either Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox the ability to place those Favicons into your Searchs, for more check out this Google Chrome Extension HERE, or this Mozilla Firefox Greasemonkey script HERE.

How to Block Sites from Returning in a Google Search

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The Google search homepage, viewed in Google Chrome. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Perhaps you have a list of website you would like to be blocked from your Google Search, wouldn’t it be nice if you could create a block list for your google search results, well you can, check out this site that lets you go about implementing a block list to your Google Search Results HERE.

Get A Real Time Google Search with a Simple Tweak

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If you find that Google Searches don’t really provide real time data, or not real enough for you, then you might want to tweak your search URL so that it does return the desired results in regards to real time results, for more check out this article with a Tweak to your Google Search HERE.

Focus On The User Gives you Other Social Networks in Your Google Search Results

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With Google+ results being promoted by Google searches, you might find things a bit bias in regards to social network results based on your search, but you can fix this issue by using this pretty clever Bookmarklet Focus On The User with any browser.


Google Search tied into Google Plus More Tightly

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In a move that can’t be that shocking Google Search results now will reflect results based on your Google Plus habits, which for the most part won’t mean much, but the results will be altered a bit, perhaps that just means a Plus button next to search results or certain pages being moved ahead of others based on your Plus usage, for more check out this official Google Blog Post HERE.

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