Try the new Schemer service by Google

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Late last year Google began to work on a service called Schemer which is some what of a search engine, but its for specific types of things, lets say how to make cat food out of dog food (Which is just a made up situation, i wouldn’t do this…), you enter that on Schemer and it will try to find a solution to your situation or things that apply to it, sounds confusing? Check out the service yourself to see what is all about, check out Schemer.


Google Drive is the newest Cloud Storage Service on the Virtual Block

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Google Drive has been a rumor for a few months now, but now it is reality with the  official Launch of the service which offers 5GB of free storage, and has paid storage options that also increase your Gmail Inbox size which is a nice bonus, its also useful to note that the service is cheaper than Dropbox at the same GB sizes, making Google Drive a very attractive option if your looking for Cloud storage services, for more check out Google Drive.

Google+ Sporting a New Look, Setting up for Customized Apps/Widgets

Google+ wordmark

Google+ wordmark (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The User Interface of Google+ is a Work in progress and a big push towards a more polished, less cluttered look was ushered in recently onto the Google+ Network, where now you will find a set of controls to the left of your screen, and you can even re-arrange the widgets locations, for more on recent changes to Google+ check out this Official Blog Post.

ChromeOS Sports a new look, Various improvements


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Although you may get confused by ChromeOS being some type of flavor of Android, it is anything but this, with the two OSes only sharing a common *Nix background, ChromeOS thus far has just been a pipe dream of Google’s, asides from it being placed on a few Chromebooks, ChromeOS hasn’t seen much buzz, but that might change with the most recent update of the OS, sporting features like an improved desktop, taskbar, and a Updated UI, for more check out ChromeOS.

Enhance Your Google Music experience by Enabling some Google Music Lab Options

Ecco Google Music, la Sfida ad iTunes

Ecco Google Music, la Sfida ad iTunes (Photo credit: Promo Blog)

When it comes to using the service Google Music, you may be pleased with the experience you get out of the box with the service, but if your looking to get more out of the service, then you might want to check out the Google Music Lab where you can get access to features like Desktop Notifications, HTML5 Audio Player and other features, for more check out this Official Blog post HERE.

Google’s Project Glass, The Future Of Mobile Computing?

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There has been much talk about the Google Glasses or the more official name for the product being Project Glass, which is the concept of having a mobile computer unit with you gives you a entirely new way to interface the world, which sounds pretty awesome, the demo video of what it should be able to do is also pretty cool, but with anything like this, time will tell if the technology will mature and make a real impact, but for now Project Glass looks pretty interesting to say the least, for more check out Project Glass.

Get your Gmail Contacts Automatically updated based on Signature using WriteThat.Name

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Wouldn’t it be cool if you could use the Signature information at the end of an Email to potentially update your contacts information in the event that its changed, or perhaps enter some new information you didn’t have about your contact before, well you can get this type of functionality using the service WriteThat.Name.

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