Find Product Reviews, Recall Information and more using Consmr for your iPhone

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Being an informed customer is always best, and to make that job more easier, you might want to enlist your iPhone and the app Consmr which will give you Product Reviews and Recall information at your finger tips as well as other things about a product, so that you make an informed decision and support a product you really should be instead of what appears to be the best, for more check out Consmr for your iPhone.

Plan out your Meals with Food On The Table Web Service

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Planning out what to cook can be a chore all in itself, but if you want to cut down on some of the over head, you might want to employ the service Food On The Table which will help you plan your meal out, create a shopping list of items you need to make that planned meal, as well as Android and iOS app so you can do your planning on the go, for more check out the service Food On The Table.

Save on Groceries by purchasing them less often

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If you shop for Groceries once a week you might consider doing it only twice a month to cut down on your Grocery expenses, but you might think this means not eating for a week, well check out this article that explains the logic of making less grocery stops to save some money, HERE.

Before you go Grocery shopping check ShopLocal

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If your about to go out to buy a few things but you don’t want to end up checking a million places to make sure your getting the best possible deal, then you might be interested in check out this service that can take a lot of the deal hunting out of your trip and you can go straight to the place that has the best deal by checking ShopLocal first.

Lower Your Grocery Bills

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Your always looking for ways to save, and one of them is when you shop for Groceries, wouldn’t it be nice if there was a way to save a couple of bucks, well you can after reading this article that talks about Price Matching before you shop, check out more about this, HERE.

Cart Vs. Basket @ Supermarket for Healthier Food Shopping

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Using a Cart at the Supermarket might improve your chances of shopping healthier when at the Supermarket by reinforcing the connection with Mind-Body which might seem a bit far out, but check out this article that explains why this may be true, HERE.

Finding the fastest Line in a Supermarket

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You always end up hating your trip to the supermarket because you end up waiting a million years to checkout, well maybe you could find that magical way to get through the checkout with a breeze, well maybe you need to check out this article that will help you find the magic line at the supermarket, HERE.

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