Why Be Happy?

A Little Happiness

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If you have the goal of being happy in life, what exactly is the driving force behind this thought? In fact what is happiness going to bring you in the end, if you feel this is something you have asked yourself as well, then you might want to check out this article that talks about why we may not want to make happiness one of our goals, HERE.

Train yourself to be Happy

Happy Days

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If you never feel that your happy enough then maybe you just need to train yourself to be happy and you can gain all the benefits of happy people, sounds far out, maybe not, check out this article that talks about the benefits of training yourself to be happy, HERE.

Fake Happyness just makes things Worse

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So you know they say sometimes that you should appear happy even when your not, well maybe repressing your feelings isn’t the best way to get past a bad period in your life, instead of the fake smiles and pretend behavior positive thinking may lead you quicker to happyness than a pretend smile, check out this New York Times article on the topic HERE.

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