Find Out What Movies are on your Hard Drive with Movie Explorer

Windows Explorer in Windows Vista

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When you want to get the 411 on the movies on your Windows Hard drive you might want to check out the program Movie Explorer that will give you back more details than you can imagine about those movies laying around on your Hard Drive, for more check out Movie Explorer for Windows.

Use an Old Hard Drives magnet to find Studs in the Wall

A hard disk drive with the platters and motor ...

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If your on a mission to find some studs in your home but have no clue as to how you can do this, or even if your have what you need to do this, all you need to have is an old Hard Drive, the ability to read the linked article and a bit of effort, check out this article for more details on how to find studs in your home, HERE.

How to Destroy a Hard Drive

Diagram of a computer hard disk drive

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Your done with your current hard drive but you can not let anyone else gain access to your data, because you have your privacy to worry about, secrets, etc, well check out this article on how to physically destroy your hard drive, HERE.

Death Cries of a Hard Drive

Image of a Western Digital 250Gb SATA Hard Dri...

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So your Hard Drive just started to make some weird noises as if it were trying to tell your something you just don’t understand that language till you read this article that well help you communicate better with a dying hard drive, sounds crazy, read on HERE.

The Gigabits for your buck!

Found this site today, looks like a great way to find the best gigabit deal for your dollar, what this site does it checks for storage devices that are of four star quality and better and finds the cheapest deal for the money you have.


That Old External Hard Drive

So Now you dont need that 250GB Hard drive because your machine at home probably has a 750GB or 500GB Hard Drive. You probably wondered, now what would be a good use for this hard drive, well check out this article about possible purposes for that old HD!

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