Plugging in your USB Device the Right way

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As USB devices become more and more common, you might sometimes have a battle inserting these various devices into the USB slots on your PC, but if you are willing to check out this article, in theory you shouldn’t every have an issue regarding plugging in USB devices into a USB port again, for more check out this article HERE.

Lock your Mac OS Keyboard down with KeyboardClean Tool

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When it comes to locking down your keyboard, you might want to know why you would even want to, well perhaps you want other people in the room not to gain access to your machine easily, or perhaps you want to clean off the keyboard without a ton of things happening, and to that end check out the program KeyboardClean Tool for Mac OS.

Add a USB charger port to your Wall Outlet with RCA USB Wall Plate

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If you have a few different device you use that require a USB wire to charge it, then having a spare port on your Wall outlet might be a neat thing to have, and you can do this pretty simply by purchasing a RCA USB Wall Plate.

Play New Games on a Old Laptop with an External Video Card

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If you play video games on your aging laptop and a new title that just hit that you must play requires a higher video card requirement than what you current are capable then you might want to check out this article that has a way to hack your laptop to use a external video card, for details check the article out HERE.

How to Plug in a USB Drive

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If you had a USB drive in the past that has just been a nightmare to put into the USB slot then you might want to check out this article that gives some tips on how to get your USB drive in the right way, the first time, HERE.

Get a Hardware Profile of your Windows Machine with Hardware Freak

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If you need to know the exact hardware details of your machine perhaps to upgrade some parts or to find out what drivers you may need the program Hardware Freak will help you get a handle on what Hardware is running your machine, check out Hardware Freak.

Clean your Keyboard without Shutting Down Your Machine

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If you ever had a situation where your using your Keyboard and you find it way to dirty for your tastes but then you have to shut the machine down before you can unplug and clean the keyboard properly, well then you will like the alternative of using a program to lock your keyboard and clean it and unlock it and continue to use your machine, for more on how this works check out this site, HERE.

Potentially Revive a dying Video Card

ATI FireGL Graphical card

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So you have noticed that your Video Card is going to the crapper and your wondering if there was a way to keep it alive for a month or two until you can purchase a replacement, well perhaps you need to check out this video that has a pretty wild idea of how to get some more life out of the Video card, HERE.

The Printer Spec’s that Counts

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Your about to go out and purchase a new printer but you don’t really have a clue as to what features you need, what to avoid, and what is just non-sense, well maybe you should check out this useful article that will guide you towards the specs you should be concerned with, HERE.

Keyboard Cleaning 101

IBM AT Keyboard

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Your Keyboard is looking really dirty these days and your not really into buying a new one when this one works fine, just looks nasty, well check out this article that has some great tips on how to restore that keyboard back to a decent looking shape, HERE.

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