Get Android OS on your HP TouchPad

Android robot logo.

Image via Wikipedia

If you have wondered if you have to use the software that came with your HP TouchPad, then you’ll probably be happy to know that soon, you will have options, and for now you can preview one of those options being the Android OS ported for the Hp TouchPad device, but this is just a Proof of concept with more work needed, but you can check it out never the less, HERE.

WebOS and TouchPad Shutdown

Image representing Hewlett-Packard as depicted...

Image via CrunchBase

Looks like HP’s experiment with Tablets and WebOS has come to an end according to HP officials, which might sadden some because this just limits the field in terms of Tablet players, which in the end can’t be good for consumers, for more on the shutdown of these products, check out this article HERE.

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