How to Sprout Seeds


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If you ever had an burning desire to know how plants come into being and how the process works, then you’ll probably want to know about how seeds sprout, and then you might even want to know how this is done, and for that you should check out this article HERE.

Painting Your Brick Fireplace

A den or family room in Camarillo, California,...

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If you are trying to give your house a little pep up before the holiday season comes around, part of that might include painting over the Fireplace this year, well if you don’t really have a clue how your should approach this task, then maybe you can check out this article for some tips, HERE.

DIY Aeroponic / Hydroponic Garden Controller

An Aerogarden using hydroponics and aeroponics.

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If you have a spare Lamp timer around and some free time to mess with it to get yourself a control for your Aeroponics / Hydroponic needs then you need to check out this video that give the details to automating your garden, look at the video HERE.

Hammock’s can Double as SunShades

in Costa Rica

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If you have a Hammock in your yard or access to one, and your looking for some shade on a hot day from the blazing sun, then your probably is half way solved, check out this article that has a neat way to use your hammock for shade from the sun, HERE.

DIY Mosquito Repeller Device

A DIY plastic-flowerpot-photolamp

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You probably hate Mosquito’s and you’ll do anything to get rid of them, if this is true then you’ll probably be very interested in this DIY project for creating this device that will repel them from your presents, check out more about this project, HERE.

Removing a Stuck Light Bulb

Image showing both a fluorescent and an incand...

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You have a Lamp that has a light bulb stuck in it and you aren’t sure how to get it out without shattering the glass of the bulb probably hurting yourself in the process, well check out this pretty neat tip for removing such light bulbs, on this site, HERE.

Taking care of the Plants while on Vacation

roofclimbing plants inside a greenhouse at Kew...

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When your about to take a trip to a far away land for a few weeks two questions usually come into play, how do i take care of my pet if you have one while away, and how do i take care of my plants while I am away, well check out this article that has a really smart way to water your plants while your away, HERE.

Avoid Dirt in your Finger Nails

Its banjo time!

Image by mytoenailcameoff via Flickr

Your about to go in the garden and do some work or do something that will mean there is a potential for your fingers to get dirty and your very much opposed to that idea, then you should check out this article with a very neat tip for this situation, HERE.

Plan your Next Garden with this Web App

Lykke Li performig at The Mod Club.

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Your always a little bit off with your garden and you wish you had some type of way to get some help with things, well maybe you need to plan the garden better, and you might want to check out this great Web App that can get you on your way, HERE.

Guide To Setting Your Table

A formally laid table set with a Meissen dinne...

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Your not the type to set the table for some big wig dinner but your in the situation now, and your at a lost at the most basic element of this dinner setting the table, well check out this guide that might help you get the Table together, HERE.

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