Avoid Dirt in your Finger Nails

Its banjo time!

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Your about to go in the garden and do some work or do something that will mean there is a potential for your fingers to get dirty and your very much opposed to that idea, then you should check out this article with a very neat tip for this situation, HERE.

Plan your Next Garden with this Web App

Lykke Li performig at The Mod Club.

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Your always a little bit off with your garden and you wish you had some type of way to get some help with things, well maybe you need to plan the garden better, and you might want to check out this great Web App that can get you on your way, HERE.

Guide To Setting Your Table

A formally laid table set with a Meissen dinne...

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Your not the type to set the table for some big wig dinner but your in the situation now, and your at a lost at the most basic element of this dinner setting the table, well check out this guide that might help you get the Table together, HERE.

Using Leftover Wine

Bottle and glass of 5 year old Madeira wine. T...

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The party is over and there is some wine left in the bottle, you rather not waste it but you know your not going to use it tomorrow, what to do? Well check out this article that has a purpose for that wine, check it out HERE.




DIY Air Conditioner

Central air conditioner unit, from left side

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Why buy an Air Conditioner when you can make one, this might sound far out but it might be just what you have been looking for, cooler air and something you did yourself, check out the details on making this device HERE.

Turn that stack of Old Magazines into a Chair

Unqualified DIY Painter

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You have a bunch of your old Magazines laying around the place and you figure there has to be something I can do with them instead of throwing them out, Well if your game, check out this DIY project for turning those old Magazines into a chair, HERE.

Build your own Furniture

TAMA Custom Designs displaying kitchens at the...

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You like things your way, and love it better when you had a hand in things you use day to day, and what better way to get a feeling of accomplishment, than to make your own Furniture, check out this article that has the basics for you HERE.

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