HouseFix allows you contracts to Bid for your Work

When it comes to finding a good Home improvement contractor that won’t try to rip you off, you might find yourself hard pressed, to not just go with joe down the block, but now you don’t have to, check out the service HouseFix, where you can post your work and have contracts bid on it, for more check out HouseFix.

Find Home improvement services with Red Beacon For iOS/WebOS

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If your looking for a plummer or a painter, and your always on the go then you might want to check out the service Red Beacon which will help you on your search for a home repair professional, for more check out the mobile app Red Beacon for iOS/WebOS.


4-to-1 Ladder Rule will keep you Alive while on a Ladder

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If you aren’t the type that does a lot of climbing up on ladder, when you do have to you should remember to use the 4 to 1 rule, for more on what this rule is and how it can keep you safe next time your on a ladder, check out this article HERE.

Use an Old Hard Drives magnet to find Studs in the Wall

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If your on a mission to find some studs in your home but have no clue as to how you can do this, or even if your have what you need to do this, all you need to have is an old Hard Drive, the ability to read the linked article and a bit of effort, check out this article for more details on how to find studs in your home, HERE.

Clean Dirty Paint Brushes with Vinegar

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If you have done some painting in the past and you want to reuse your old paint brush the paint from the last job will probably get in your way, remove that paint with some Vinegar, not sure how this all works, check out this article that explains the way this works, HERE.

Combine your Work space and Storage space

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You may not have ever thought about this, but you could benefit from your work space at home by adding some storage spaces within this space to maximize your usage of real estate, check out this article that talks more about combining these two aspects of your home, HERE.

Create Your own Storage Space

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Everyone now see these storage rental places and figures why not store some stuff away from home if its not that expensive, but why do that when you can engage in a DIY project and create your own Storage Space, check out this article to see how HERE.

Keeping your Kitchen Sponge clean


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So you ever wonder how you could better keep your kitchen sponge clean, well check out this DIY project that is super cheap and simple that you can try to achieve this goal, check the article out HERE.

Organize Your Kitchen For Efficiency

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So you probably just toss things here or there in your kitchen over the years, but wouldn’t it be nice if everything was in a order that at the very least you can navigate, well check out this great Lifehacker article on how to Reboot your Kitchen, HERE.

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