Get your Recipes, Meals Planned and Shopping List in one place with ZipList


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When it comes to managing what we eat, and making sure you can prepare that meal, you might sometimes run into issues here and there, and if you want a way to streamline the entire process, you might want to take a look at the service/program Ziplist which will keep Recipes, your meal plans for the week or day, and a shopping list to make sure your prepared to cook whats on your list, for more check out Ziplist which also has a iOS/Android app.

Finger Food Combination Generator: Good for Parties

Easter - feasting finger foodsWhen it comes to Finger foods, you might have just three foods to make your finger foods from, but don’t let that limit the amount of different finger foods you can make out of those three items, for more on figuring out what finger foods you can craft with the goods you have on hand, check out the Finger Food Combination Generator.

Get Recipes on your Android Device with ChefTap

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If you like to look up recipes on the train or bus before you go home so you can make your grocery purchases on the way in, or just to have something new to eat every week, then you should check out the Android app ChefTap which can find recipes your looking for in a zip, also there are no ads in this program, its free, so make sure you check out ChefTap for Android.

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Prepare Food quicker in an Assembly Line

Water is often used to cook foods such as noodles.

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If you have tried to perfect your cooking so that it works as if your a well oiled machine hitting the run way, perhaps one of the ways you can streamline your cooking is to work in an assembly line fashion, similar to the way cooks do in a restaurant, for more on how this could work for you, check out this article HERE.

Two Bowls are all you need to Peel Garlic in seconds

D. Mitrohin. Onions and Garlic. 1973. Pencil d...

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If you have ever had to cook and used Garlic then you might have something against peeling it, but did you know all you need is 2 large bowls and a few seconds to un-peel that Garlic, check out this article that talks about this technique HERE.

Clean Dirty Paint Brushes with Vinegar

paint roller beside paint brush at paint reservoir

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If you have done some painting in the past and you want to reuse your old paint brush the paint from the last job will probably get in your way, remove that paint with some Vinegar, not sure how this all works, check out this article that explains the way this works, HERE.

Egg Cooking Calculator

Cooking Röschti in Blantyre, Malawi

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Cooking is an art that is dependent on time, so why not have the time calculated for you when your egg is done, taking some of the thinking out of your cooking experience, check out this Egg Cooking Calculator.

Store your Bread at Room Temperature

Slices of French Bread

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You might keep you bread in the fridge thinking that it might stand up longer but if you want a fresher loaf of bread you might want to keep your bread at Room Temperature, check out this article that has more on why this is, HERE.

Tip for when your Packing for a Move

own work, a pair of gamchhas from my bathroom

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Check out this article that has really useful tip for packing your things when your moving, which is use your clothes and other things like towels for padding of fragile goods, check out this article that explains more about this HERE.

Build your own WiFi Speakers for Streaming Music

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Wouldn’t it be cool if you could have a set of speakers all over your house and turn on a select few or all and play music all over your house from a central location, it would be like streaming your music to any speaker in you WiFi network, well you can, with this DIY project you’ll have WiFi Speakers in no time, check out this article for more details, HERE.

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