Store your Bread at Room Temperature

Slices of French Bread

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You might keep you bread in the fridge thinking that it might stand up longer but if you want a fresher loaf of bread you might want to keep your bread at Room Temperature, check out this article that has more on why this is, HERE.

Tip for when your Packing for a Move

own work, a pair of gamchhas from my bathroom

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Check out this article that has really useful tip for packing your things when your moving, which is use your clothes and other things like towels for padding of fragile goods, check out this article that explains more about this HERE.

Build your own WiFi Speakers for Streaming Music

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Wouldn’t it be cool if you could have a set of speakers all over your house and turn on a select few or all and play music all over your house from a central location, it would be like streaming your music to any speaker in you WiFi network, well you can, with this DIY project you’ll have WiFi Speakers in no time, check out this article for more details, HERE.

Keep Salad Fresh for the Entire Week

A picture taken, of A Green Salad.

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You like to take some salad to work as a snack during your lunch break, or for whatever reason like to have some salad stored for a few days but don’t want it to be all dead looking by day 3, well check out this article that has a neat idea for storing your salad, HERE.


Kido’z TV for Kids


Check out this pretty cool service which overs Videos for kids which have been approved for the audience of minors, so parents can let their children free on the site and not have to worry about them viewing content that isn’t worthy of your child, check out more information about the service Kido’z TV.

Hang up Level Looking Pictures

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If you have ever hung up a picture in your house you know that this can be a little bit of a tricky task, especially if you are a perfectionist and desire that everything look level and clean so when people view your pictures they don’t have to look at an angle to see you, well then you should consider checking out this article that might be able to help you level up those pictures, HERE.

Combine your Work space and Storage space

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You may not have ever thought about this, but you could benefit from your work space at home by adding some storage spaces within this space to maximize your usage of real estate, check out this article that talks more about combining these two aspects of your home, HERE.

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