Add some taste to your water while Chilling it

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You may not always want to drink plain old water, maybe if there was a way to add some flavor to it you would be more willing to make it your exclusive drink, well then you might want to check out this article that has a really slick way to add some taste to your water, HERE.

Frozen Fruit and Herb Ice Cubes for a tasty chilled summer drink

Ice cubes in glass

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You hate how when you have to chill a drink you have to end up watering it down with Ice cubes, maybe there is another way to both chill your drink without having to distill it with water as the ice cube melts within your drink, check out this article that has a very clever solution to this problem, HERE.

Chill Liqour without Ice

A drink called "Sex on the Beach", v...

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You hate how the Ice that you add to your drink dilutes its potency to a point, and you wish that you could both enjoy a chilled drink while still getting the full kick out of the drink, well check out this article that has a solution to this problem, HERE.

Get Better Ice Cubes with a Milk Carton

Ice cubes

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You need to get some Ice for a day at the park or BBQ and you hate how small ice cubes last a few hours then its all cold water from there, Check out this pretty cool article that shows how you can use a milk carton to get some really great long lasting ice cubes HERE.

Perfecting the Ice used in your Cocktails Matters

"Flaming" cocktails contain a small ...

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Believe it or not the size of the Ice you use in your cocktail effects the way the drink will feel, sounds crazy, check out this article that talks about the issue and gives a solution to the problem too, HERE.

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