Removing a Stuck Light Bulb

Image showing both a fluorescent and an incand...

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You have a Lamp that has a light bulb stuck in it and you aren’t sure how to get it out without shattering the glass of the bulb probably hurting yourself in the process, well check out this pretty neat tip for removing such light bulbs, on this site, HERE.

Get a Broken Light bulb Out of the Socket!

BC base of an incandescent lamp

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So a light bulb just got stuck in the socket and to boot it is also broken so taking it out looks like a dangerous mission unless you don’t mind a few cuts and maybe getting poisoned, well fear not, check out this technique you can use to take out that broken bulb without a scratch, HERE.

Tips & Tricks to Save Energy

Microgeneration Certification Scheme

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For so many reasons it is always a good idea to employ techniques to reduces your energy footprints, not only to save you money to but to save earth on the whole, and to preserve the world for the future, so check out this article that has some great energy saving tips you can use today, HERE.

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