When on your Laptops Battery, IE might be the more Battery Efficient Browser on Windows Laptops

Internet Explorer, one of the most widely used...

Internet Explorer, one of the most widely used web browsers "Browser Market Share". Net Applications . . Retrieved 29 July 2011 . (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When you are working on the go, power is usually a limited resource


and you probably would want to get the most you can out of your laptops or netbooks battery, and that’s why you may want to consider using Internet Explorer when your using your Laptops battery. Check out this article that gives more factual details on why this is true, HERE.


Stop Companies from tracking you on the web with Do Not Track Plus

English: gps tracking

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If you find yourself afraid of browsing websites these days amid claims that they track what you do and where you go, then you might want to employ a measure to keep your browsing private and one way to do this is to employ the extension or add on Do Not Track Plus to your browser.

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