Bittorent Downloads are Being Tracked by You Have Downloaded

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Bittorents usually are thought of a means of downloading without being directly tracked but that has changed with the service You Have Downloaded which has started to keep track of public tracker downloads, and can look up what you have been downloading, for more check out You Have Downloaded.


See Which ISP slow your Torrents the Most

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If you didn’t know ISP have for awhile been slowing down Torrent traffic on there networks in an effort to reduce the bandwidth usage of there networks, but this practice can seriously hurt consumers, especially if you use torrents, check out this article that documents various ISP’s policies regarding Torrents on there networks HERE.

ISPs are Evil in So many ways…

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If you ever heard of ISP’s giving away your personal information, or having ads for things you just don’t know about, having your personal information given to whom ever asks, these are just some of the evil things ISP’s can be doing to you, for more check out this article that details the 5 evil ISP practices HERE.

Setup Netflix Streaming so that it doesn’t exceed your Data Cap

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Your using a internet service that will put a cap on your connection after a certain data count, well Netflix might not really be the best application to use, but if you have to use the service, check out this article with a way to decrease the stream, HERE.


Managing Internet Data Caps

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It really bites that you might have an ISP that is placing Internet Data Caps on your usage but if they are maybe this article can help you manage your connection better to still get the most out of your dollar, check the article out HERE.

US National Broadband Map

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So your interested in getting broadband internet service in your home, but you want to know who offers the most bandwidth in your area, well check out this wonderful map but together that tells you which ISP’s have what type of broadband internet service in your area check the map out HERE.

How to get around country wide Internet Blackouts?

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This is a pretty useful article on how you can bypass a blackout by a nation if they are going through some period of unrest like in Egypt today. Check out the details on how to bypass the blackout and keep your online presence alive and kicking, HERE.

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