Look at your iPhone 4S Camera VIA Airplay & Apple TV

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Perhaps your a secret agent in your own right and you would like the ability to look at your Apple iPhone 4S Camera while on your Apple TV using Airplay, well you can do this with some easy steps, for more details on the process check out this article HERE.

Using iCloud with Multiple Apple ID’s

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If your attempting you add iCloud to the list of services you use from Apple then you might want to know how to manage multiple Apple Id‘s with iCloud and to that end you might want to check out this article that has some tips on how to achieve this HERE.

Crashplan Restores your Mobile Backups on the Fly

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If your afraid of losing your data and want a backup solution that will backup your files and also offer to restore them on your device on the go then you need to check out the service offered by CrashPlan for iOS and Android Devices.

Thuuz Keeps you up to date with popular Sports events

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If your looking for a mobile app that will keep you up to date with sporting events that are of interest to you or just interesting in general then you need to check out Thuuz for Android and iOS devices.

Skype update for iPad Devices

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Your all about using Skype on your iPad, then today should be a good day, because Skype has just updated the iPad app to now allow you to SMS, Video Chat, and more for the in and outs of the update, check out Skype’s Blog post on the update HERE.

Seafood Watch Mobile Application for Green Eating


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Your about to go purchase some Fish but you have heard that it isn’t always eco-friendly to just buy any fish, but you don’t know what is what in regards to endangered fish, well use this handy application for iOS and Android device that will keep you in tune, HERE.

Common iPhone Lockscreen Passwords, Avoid Them

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Check out this study that found that there is a 1 in 7 chance if your use a common lockscreen password that someone that found your device could just guess the pin and gain access to your device, check out this article for ideas on making a secure pin for yourself, HERE.

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