Send Photos From your Smartphone to your Browser with Bump for Android & iOS Devices

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If your in the market for an app that will easily allow you to share your media with other phones or even now your browser, you might want to consider the app Bump, which just updated to now allow for the transfer of photos from your Mobile device to your browser, for more check out Bump for Android & iOS.

TiVo Stream joins your iOS device into your TiVo Premium World

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If you are currently a premium TiVo user, you’ll be pleased to note the new TiVo Stream feature which will take your saved or streaming video and have it sent to your iOS device of you so choose, which might be useful for those of us on the go but still want to check out that show of interest or for whatever reason if your a TiVo users you’ll probably find some way to make this feature work for you, for more check out this official post regarding TiVo Stream.

Secure your Wallet using LastPass Wallet for iOS

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iOS logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If you happen to have a iOS device and your trying to leave your wallet at home, but don’t want to risk a privacy breach by putting all your important ID’s, credit cards on your iOS device, then you should consider using LastPass Wallet for iOS that will allow you to keep your information without having to worry, for more check out LastPass Wallet for iOS.

Changing the Font size on your iPhone or iPad with Bookmarklet

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Perhaps you don’t like the current font size a page is displaying with on your iPhone or iPad device and you wish you could change it so that you don’t go blind, or that you can see more than 4 characters at a time on the screen, you can do this by employing a bookmarklet and getting a little busy, for details on how to change the font size, check out this article HERE.

Create Voice Memos that get Emailed to you for your iOS device using Instacorder

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Español: Este es un logo para IOS (Apple). Más detalles: Logo para Apple inc’s iOS (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If the idea of creating Voice Memos for yourself that get sent to your email account for later review, and your using an iOS device to do this, then you might want to check out the program Instacorder for your Voice Memo needs because it makes the process pretty easy, for more check out Instacorder for iOS devices.

Make Custom Ringtones for Most Mobile Devices using Ringtone Maker

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When it comes to making Custom Ringtones, there are tons of options, let alone the options of buying the prepaid ones one places like iTunes Store, or Android Play Market, but you might want to craft your own from your own tunes, and to that end you probably would need some software to do this, and for Windows you need not look further than Ringtone Maker which supports creating custom ringtones for your Android, iOS and blackberry devices, for more check out Ringtone Maker for Windows.

Make Sparrow your Default Email Client on your Jailbroken iOS device with Sparrow+


Sparrow (Photo credit: howzey)

If your a user of the Email Client Sparrow for your iOS device and you wish you could just make Sparrow your Default Email Client then you might be in luck because if your using a Jailbroken device you can achieve this by using the program Sparrow+.

Find Product Reviews, Recall Information and more using Consmr for your iPhone

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Being an informed customer is always best, and to make that job more easier, you might want to enlist your iPhone and the app Consmr which will give you Product Reviews and Recall information at your finger tips as well as other things about a product, so that you make an informed decision and support a product you really should be instead of what appears to be the best, for more check out Consmr for your iPhone.

iOS 5.1.1 Released, Jailbreakers should Hold Off

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Español: Este es un logo para IOS (Apple). Más detalles: Logo para Apple inc’s iOS (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The release of iOS 5.1.1 has occurred, with the release mainly dealing with bug issues, and some minor changes to UI, but if your a owner of a Jailbroken device, just like in the past, you’ll want to hold off on updating your device till a Jailbreak method is released for your device, so you don’t lose that Jailbroken goodness, for more check out this article about iOS 5.1.1 HERE.

Report Profiling by TSA with FlyRights Android/iOS app

self destroying sticker seal of the TSA, stick...

self destroying sticker seal of the TSA, sticked upon baggage-tags transportation security administration at John Fitzgerald Kennedy airport, NY (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When your at the Airport your experience may or may not be a great one, especially if you are a victim of the enhanced search measures that has been implemented by the TSA, but if you think you have been wronged in some way, it might be useful to have the app FlyRights which will remind you of your rights as well as give you an easy way to file a complaint about your experience, for more check out FlyRights for Android & iOS Devices.

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