Tethered Jailbreak for your iOS 5.1

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Español: Este es un logo para IOS (Apple). Más detalles: Logo para Apple inc's iOS (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Whenever a new iOS comes out, everyone that has a Jailbroken device usually has to sit for a while, to give the Devs time to come up with a Jailbreak for the new iOS, but it would appear the wait is over for most users of the new iOS 5.1 if your willing to use a Tethered Jailbreak, which in itself can be a problem, also its important to note that iPhone 4S and iPad 2 and i suspect iPad 3 devices currently do not have a Jailbreak method for iOS 5.1, for more check out this post regarding RedSnow.

Low Bit Rate, High Quality “Mastered” Music Being Offered by iTunes Store

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In the past if you wanted Lossless sound quality you had to give up storage space to achieve this, but the audio engineers at Apple have figured out a way to give you low bit rate music, without much loss in sound quality, which is a win win for the iPod age music listener, for more check out this article that talks about the appears of Mastered music on iTunes HERE.

DIY:Build a iPod/iPhone Projector for Cheap

When it comes to creating cool things, what better thing to build for yourself than to create a projector for your iPhone or iPod, it might sound like a very involved task, but you might be surprised how easy and cheap it can be put together, for more on the details, check out this article HERE.

DIY Electronic Charging Station

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If you have tons of electronic devices at your home and your looking to having a charging stations that can handle all your devices from HTC Evo device to your iPhone, iPod touch, for the details on how to build such a station check out this article HERE.

Let your friends know what your Listening to on your Iphone in Real Time

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If you need or want to share the music your listening to with your fellow friends, then you should check out a program for the iOS called Rexly that will share your music real time with friends, for more check out Rexly.

iOS Alarm Application

Alarm clock

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If you need to wake up in the morning but standard alarm clocks just don’t cut it for you, then you might try this Alarm app for your iOS device that will require you to shake the device to turn the alarm off, which might be more of an effective way to wake you up from your slumber, check out the app HERE.

Using Amazon Cloud Music Player on your iOS Device

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So sad that people pretty  much by iPod devices like the touch or worse the iPad or Iphone, Apple has a nasty habit of not allowing competing Applications to be placed in the apple store until legal actions is taken, meaning we are slaves to Apple the minute we give them our money, well I say this because it will be awhile till you will find a Native application to access the Amazon Cloud service, until then, check out this workaround, HERE.

Top LH Do It Yourself Projects Worth Trying

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So your like I need to do something productive on my down time, something that I can use, something practical something that wont cost an arm and a leg to do, well this probably means you need to get yourself together and check out one of these Do It Yourself projects that suites your needs.

Turn Your Old Router into a Range-Boosting Wi-Fi Repeater

Binder Clips Keep Beverages Stacked in Your Fridge

Learn the Science Behind Glow Sticks by Making Your Own

Make a DIY No-Kill Mousetrap with a Toilet Paper Roll

Learn to Pick Locks for Fun and an Increased Understanding of Security

DIY Ultimate Note-Taking Notebook

>See a 10-Year-Old Fix an iPhone Screen for $22

Five Effective DIY Alternatives to Running Air Conditioner

One Good-to-Know Knot for All Occasions (and a Few Others for Good Measure)

Build a $3.50 DIY Micro TV-B-Gone

Seven DIY iPad Stands for Six Bucks or Less

Make a Cheap Stylus for iPad and Other Touchscreen Devices

Build a Custom Phone Car Mount for Under $10
















Turn your iPod Touch / iPhone into Removable Hard drive

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This is something that i knew could be done in the past VIA a jailbreak and some additional changes made by installing software VIA cydia. When i did the process about 2 years ago, for the amount of effort put in, it wasnt worth the trouble. But today check this new little program being given away for free until 12/1/10 which allows you to use your iPod devices as a Removable Hard drive, or simply put it puts the device into “Disk Mode”, check out the program HERE.

Ditch iTunes For Syncing Your iPod

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For a while now I have been looking at alternatives to using iTunes for syncing my iPod devices, weather the device being a iPod Nano or all the way up to an iPhone. For certain devices you can easily migrate your syncing to that device to a iTunes alternative such as sharepod or songbird. These programs usually can sync everything except applications, which is only an issue if you have a Touch / iPhone. But fear not my friends, check this article on how you can sync your Touch / iPhone iTunes Free.

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