Use iKeyboardRemote to control your iOS devices Playback

The keyboard, overall.

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If you use your iOS device to play music in your house at a dock or attached to your home entertainment system, then it might be useful to be able to control your devices playback options from your keyboard instead of having to get up and actually touching the device, and to accomplish this goal you might want to use the program iKeyboardRemote.

Control your Jailbroken iOS devices with Gestures from Lockscreen

iPhone vs. iPhone 3G

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If you have a Jailbroken iOS device and always longed to have control of your device from the lockscreen with gestures instead of using buttons, then you might want to check out this program for jailbroken iOS devices that will allow you to control your devices music playback with gestures, for more check out the program LSMusicGestures.

Add Page dots to your Jailbroken iOS device

Android vs. iOS

If you seen Android devices with their page dots and wish you had the same type dots on your iOS device, then you need to check out the following link the cydia version of this feature for your Jailbroken iOS device, for more on page dots check out this link HERE.

Get OS X Lion on your iOS device

iOS logo

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If your looking to get your device looking more like the OS X Lion platform for the Mac then you might be interested in this theme for jailbroken iOS devices that might get your device looking like your Mac Desktop, check out more on this theme, HERE.

Why you Shouldn’t Jailbreak your iOS

The iOS home screen.

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You probably heard tons of positive arguments regarding Jailbreaking your iOS device but how about the reverse, perhaps there are some pretty good reasons why you may not want to Jailbreak your device, check this side of the argument HERE.

Need to Jailbreak your iOS device to Fireware 4.2.1

The iOS home screen.

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Check out this great article on how to jailbreak your iOS device to firmware 4.2.1 put together but the great people at lifehacker, check the article out HERE.

Locate a M.I.A. iPhone/iOS Application?

Network applications: Enterprise engineering i...

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Here is a neat trick to use when you can seem to locate that application you have among the 20k or so applications you probably discovered since having your iOS device. Check out this great article that will have you locating you applications in no time, check it out HERE.

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