Enqueue is a iTunes Alternative for Mac Users

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If you find yourself locked into iTunes on your Mac OS then remove the shackles of iTunes by trying out the program Enqueue for your Music Management needs, you will still need iTunes to sync your iOS devices thou, for more check Enqueue for Mac.

Using iCloud with Multiple Apple ID’s

iCloud Beta

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If your attempting you add iCloud to the list of services you use from Apple then you might want to know how to manage multiple Apple Id‘s with iCloud and to that end you might want to check out this article that has some tips on how to achieve this HERE.

Itunes 10.5 is Here with New Wireless Goodies


If you haven’t heard there is a new iTunes available for download now that will offer iCloud support which means you can now sync your devices that are on the same WiFi network wirelessly, and there are a few more changes like the additions of iOS5, for more check out iTunes 10.5.

Let your friends know what your Listening to on your Iphone in Real Time

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If you need or want to share the music your listening to with your fellow friends, then you should check out a program for the iOS called Rexly that will share your music real time with friends, for more check out Rexly.

End your Account with any Web Service

iTunes includes visualizers. Shown here is a v...

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Check out this really great service where you can find out the process to killing your online account with various web services, which can be useful if you like to lets say be done with iTunes but don’t know how to close your account, check out this great web service AccountKillers.

Miro 4, a great itunes Alternative

Image representing Miro as depicted in CrunchBase

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Your looking for a music junk box type program that streams media, manages bit torrents and does tons of other cool music related stuff, then you might need to check out Miro 4.

Using Amazon Cloud Music Player on your iOS Device

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So sad that people pretty  much by iPod devices like the touch or worse the iPad or Iphone, Apple has a nasty habit of not allowing competing Applications to be placed in the apple store until legal actions is taken, meaning we are slaves to Apple the minute we give them our money, well I say this because it will be awhile till you will find a Native application to access the Amazon Cloud service, until then, check out this workaround, HERE.

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