Unlock Your AT&T iPhone & Retain your Jailbrake


Unlock-icon (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

iPhone vs. iPhone 3G

iPhone vs. iPhone 3G (Photo credit: Ricky Romero)

AT&T has recently allowed users to Unlock their iPhone devices so that you can take them to another carrier or perhaps overseas, but if you are rocking a Jailbroken iPhone then you might be thinking your out of luck, because the Unlocking process done by AT&T requires a Firmware update, but you can still retain your Jailbroken status, check out this article with the details HERE.


xCon Stop Apps from Recoginzing your iOS device is Jailbroken

Some iOS apps can detect a Jailbroken iOS device and hence stop working or wont install period, which can be an issue, because Jailbreaking your device is not a crime, so why do certain developers care and worse yet put checks like this to limit your iOS experience, but you can unshackle yourself by installing the app xCon.

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