Get a Cleaner Experience with JavaScript in Google Chrome using Kill Evil

Logo used from the start of the Chrome project...

Logo used from the start of the Chrome project until March 2011 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When you load up a site, usually the most taxing part of the sites loading up is going to be media and java script, and these bits of Java script are getting more popular, but also tend to slow down your experience while browsing a site, but you can increase performance of Google Chrome by using the extension Kill Evil which will disable the more annoying scripts so that you can get to the site without too much of hoops, for more check out Kill Evil for Google Chrome.

Need to test HTML, CSS or Javascript check out PasteHTML

A screenshot of the Origyn Web Browser(OWB) ru...

Image via Wikipedia

So you need to check this new piece of code you just wrote for your website, or perhaps you just want to test out some code to see if what you write actually works, either way check out this great web resource that allows you to test out that code, check out PasteHTML.

Gameboy App for Windows / Macs

Original Nintendo Gameboy.

Image via Wikipedia

What is this, a Gameboy application that written in java for mac’s and windows! For all the old school gamers this is a pretty cool app when you wanna play a classic game from the 8 bit past, check the download into HERE.

Firefox 4 Beta 7, New Java Engine = Super Fast Web Browsing

This latest release of Firefox 4 is smoking fast, by far the best browser in terms of speed, considering it doesnt eat resources like chrome, I would have to say this browser is the best out in terms of performance. Once the addons get setup to work in Firefox as of now they are mostly in a disabled state, you can enable them but they tend to make the browser unstable, the Firefox Browser will be the future, check out Mozilla post on Beta 7’s Release.

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