Keep track of your Interviews with ApplyMate

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Your just out of college and your sending out your Resume left and right, lining up job interviews every few days, but it can become overwhelming to manage all of that information, and still be prepared, well maybe you can get some help from this great service, ApplyMate.

What is your Weakness? Say something Trivia!

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Perhaps your on a job interview and an employer ask, what would you say is a weakness of yours, and your a bit lost because you feel right now you have no faults, but if you do have to give one give a trivia issue which shouldn’t negatively affect you, for more information as to why you should do this, check out this article HERE.

Improve your Interview Performance with some Sound Bites

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Check out this article that details the process of using sound bites to improve your interviews sound, which might sound odd, but if you give it more thought might be a worth while technique to empl0y, check out more details about this HERE.

First Impression’s are Key!

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So you know that you always need to make a good First Impression, but how does it really work, and more important how do we make it work for us, well you need to check out this great article on the topic, HERE.

Tips on How to get a Job you have no Relevant Experience In

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I thought this is a great article to check out when your coming out of a Course or Degree program and you don’t have actually experience in your field and trying to find ways to get your foot in the door, to actually do what you claim you know how to do, check out this great article that talks about techniques you can use to fill in the gap so to speak, check the article out HERE.

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