Use the People You Know to Find a Job using WorkFu

Employment Exhibition

Employment Exhibition (Photo credit: Modern_Language_Center)

When it comes to finding a New Job, chances are your probably going to land a job not because of what you know but based on who you know, and to that end you might need some assistance pooling together the untapped asset being your friends, into a job opportunity, and to achieve this you might want to enlist the service WorkFu.

Automate your Job Search with Ifttt

When it comes to looking for a job, you might find yourself spending an unusual amount of time looking for a job, and you probably have thought there has got to be an easier way to keep an eye open for new job openings and there is, check out this article that uses the service Ifttt to track new job openings, for more check out this article HERE.

Employment Exhibition

Image by Modern_Language_Center via Flickr

Make the Leap from Temp to Permanent Employee

This is a photo symbolizing the job search in ...

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Your at a job but its only a Temp position but wouldn’t you like to lock the job down and have it as a Permanent position, sure you would, but perhaps you have no idea how to achieve this, well check out this article that might be able to lead you in the right direction, HERE.

Pick a job you love to do, even in a bad job market

The Next Stimulus?

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You may think that going after your dream job in a bad job market is a really bad idea, stick to the jobs that are in demand, well this might not be a good idea at all, check out this article that has a different take on bad job markets, and why you should get a job your passionate about, HERE.

Forget College or a Resume, work for free to get that Job

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You may think like I have for years that the only way to gain a professional job is to first go for your college education, then internship, create a great resume and you’ll eventually get a job, but perhaps offering your services for free to the right person can land you that job all the same, check out this video with more details on this subject HERE.

Great Part time Jobs

Fast food Addiction

Ever wonder what is the best type of Part-Time employment to get, maybe working a fast food place, probably not, but check out this little list of 5 pretty decent part time jobs, HERE.

Climbing the job latter

Jacques Garnerin's first parachute, which he t...

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So you want to get a job that you have never held before like a manager position, well check out this article that talks about some tips you can use to get that position, HERE.

Resume Tips

University of Maryland's Abraham Nominated by ...

So I hae post before about the topic, but making a Resume properly will determine how well you do in the job market to a degree, so all the tips and tricks you can use to improve your Resume is important to employ, so check out this article with 10 Tips on Resume making, HERE.

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