Quicksilver is a Hotkey manager for your Mac OS Desktop

The standard user interface of Mac OS X

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It can be hard to find free software for your Mac OS desktop that provide the functionality you desire, without having to fork over a few bucks, and with that said Quicksilver is a Gem of a program for your Mac OS that will manage your Hotkey setup allowing you to go crazy with your custom hotkeys, for more check out the program Quicksilver for Mac OS.

KeyTweak is a Free Key Remapper for Windows

English: Picture of a Gateway AnyKey keyboard.

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If you ever wanted to customize the keys on your keyboard, then your looking to Remap the function of the keys on your keyboard, and for Windows desktops, this is a pretty easy task using the free program KeyTweak.

Resize your Windows with Keystrokes using Resizer

Windows 7, the latest client version in the Mi...

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If your into change windows to suit your needs instead of the default settings then perhaps you’ll take it a step further and start to resize those windows using mere Keystrokes and the program Resizer for Windows can do that for you, for more check out Resizer for Windows.

Facebook Shortcuts

Facebook logo

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Don’t feel like moving the mouse? Or perhaps your more comfortable with keystrokes rather than navigating here and there, well check out this collection of Facebook shortcuts that will cut down your need to click away, check the listing HERE.

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