Share a Keyboard and Mouse with Multiple Computers with ShareMouse

My new keyboard and mouse

My new keyboard and mouse (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If you have a few different machines you work on, and your not trying to have a zoo of mice and keyboards running a muck in your work space, then you might consider using the program ShareMouse which will allow you to share your keyboard and mouse with another machine, cutting down on the hardware you need to use your machines, for more check out ShareMouse for Windows/Mac OSes.

Siine is an Alternative Keyboard for your Android Device

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Sometimes the Stock keyboard that comes with your Android device just isn’t up to par, and you would like to replace it with a keyboard that had more features, or made things a bit simpler, and it may take you some time to find that keyboard, but you might want to try out Siine keyboard for your Android device.

Lock your Mac OS Keyboard down with KeyboardClean Tool

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When it comes to locking down your keyboard, you might want to know why you would even want to, well perhaps you want other people in the room not to gain access to your machine easily, or perhaps you want to clean off the keyboard without a ton of things happening, and to that end check out the program KeyboardClean Tool for Mac OS.

KeyRemap4MacBook will Remap your Mac OS Keyboard

Apple Adjustable Keyboard is an adjustable spl...

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If you are looking for a free program that can remap your Mac OSes keyboard, then you might want to give the program KeyRemap4MacBook a try, because it might just suit your keyboard remapping needs, for more check out KeyRemap4MacBook.

Hidden Keys on your iPad’s Split Keyboard Revealed

English: iPad with on display keyboard

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If you have used the split keyboard on your iPad then you might have noticed something strange by accident, or perhaps not noticed at all that there are some hidden keys on the split keyboard you can’t see, and for more on how access the keys work and what the keys are, check out this article HERE.

Share your Keyboard and Mouse over Multiple PCs

Compaq keyboard and mouse

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Mouse without Borders is a program for windows that will allow you to share a keyboard and mouse with multiple computers at the same desk, which is useful if you have a few different machines and don’t want to have a keyboard / mouse for each machine, you can even drag and drop items from machine to machine, be sure to check out Mouse Without Borders.

Clean your Keyboard without Shutting Down Your Machine

A Norwegian Dvorak keyboard layout

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If you ever had a situation where your using your Keyboard and you find it way to dirty for your tastes but then you have to shut the machine down before you can unplug and clean the keyboard properly, well then you will like the alternative of using a program to lock your keyboard and clean it and unlock it and continue to use your machine, for more on how this works check out this site, HERE.

Keyboard Cleaning 101

IBM AT Keyboard

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Your Keyboard is looking really dirty these days and your not really into buying a new one when this one works fine, just looks nasty, well check out this article that has some great tips on how to restore that keyboard back to a decent looking shape, HERE.

Restoring Keyboards and Trackpads on Laptop/Netbook

So after you have had your mobile device for over a year, unless your extra careful or us it in a vacuum you probably will have some minor to major issues with your keyboard and trackpads, check out this article on how you can maintain or replace these devices when they go bad.

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