How to clean Rusting Cast Iron Cookware

Cast iron pan

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If you have some Cast iron cookware that you just love, but it has been rusting recently and your dying to find a way to keep it alive, then you might want to check out this article with some tips on how to clean the rust out of that cookware, HERE.

Using Leftover Wine

Bottle and glass of 5 year old Madeira wine. T...

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The party is over and there is some wine left in the bottle, you rather not waste it but you know your not going to use it tomorrow, what to do? Well check out this article that has a purpose for that wine, check it out HERE.




Open that Wine Bottle with some String?

A bottle showing the translucent green of many...

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You have nothing but yourself, your women, a bottle of the finest Wine, and a string, well your in luck because you have everything you need to have a great time, check out this article that teaches you how to use a piece of string to open your next Wine Bottle HERE.

Organize Your Kitchen For Efficiency

Modern kitchen

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So you probably just toss things here or there in your kitchen over the years, but wouldn’t it be nice if everything was in a order that at the very least you can navigate, well check out this great Lifehacker article on how to Reboot your Kitchen, HERE.

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