Customize your Apartment without the Landlord Getting Mad

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You hate the way your place looks and have some great ideas on how to make it really slick and unique but you don’t want to landlord to freak out when he see’s how you have changed the place, check out this great article regarding how to make those customization without the landlord going crazy, HERE.

Rental Resume makes Renting Easier

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This might not have dawned on you, but having a Rental resume or history of your rental past can help you get a new place. Landlords might not be as iffy about you if they know that you have a good rental track record, check out this article for more details on the topic, HERE.

Rental Rights!


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So you probably don’t know as someone that rents a place, you are not just subject the the whim of your landlords every command, some things are your right, but you need to know what rights you have, check out this great article that talks about renters rights by state, HERE.

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