Learn a New Language in Google Chrome using Language Immersion Extension

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Repartition map of the languages over the world (version blank of key). See File:Languages world map.svg for full description. Esperanto: Mapo de la etendo de la lingvoj en la mondo (senpriskriba versio) Français : Carte de la répartition des langues dans le monde (version vierge de légende) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Language (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

One way to learn a new language is to always use the language and push the limits of your understanding of it to learn new words, and other aspects of the language, and if your trying to achieve this then you might want to check out the Google Chrome extension Language Immersion that will translate websites you view into the desired language of your choosing so that you can increase your reading skills in that language, for more check out Language Immersion for Google Chrome.

Find a Native Speaker of a Language with Verbling

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When your learning a new language or perhaps want to increase your skills in a language you barely know, you might want to use the service Verbling to connect with a native speaker, for more check out the service Verbling.

Learn a New Language on your Own for Free

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If you are on a mission to pick up a new language or two then you’ll need some type of method for learning this language, either a class or a good book and friends to help you out, or you could go it alone with the knowledge imparted in this article to lead you on your way to picking up a new language, check out this article for the details on how to do this HERE.

Learning A New Language Tip

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If your learning a New Language it may seem that it takes a long time and its a process that is riddled with hurdles that you will have to overcome but one way to get the new language down more quickly is to learn the basics and use them a lot, check out this article that talks more about this approach and why it works, HERE.

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