Cutting Little Habits can Save Big Bucks, Find out How much with Latte Factor Calculator

A Starbucks barista.

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When you add up how much a cup of Latte cost from Starbucks, times that by everyday of the week on average you purchase the beverage, and you can find yourself spending up into the hundreds of dollars on something you thought really cost very little, but to actually find out the dollar amount can be a bit trick, and to that end you can use the Latte Factor Calculator to figure out how much that habit cost you and how much you can save if you cut it down a bit, for more check out the Latte Factor Calculator.

Don’t let a Latte cost you your Goods!

A photo of a cup of coffee.

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Your in the coffee shop and you want to grab another cup of coffee, but same time you walk away to grab it, someone just placed a take out order with your laptop check out this article that might give you some tips on how to avoid this problem HERE.

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