Get Free legal Advice From LegalAdvice

Richard Thomas, during his tenure as the UK In...

Richard Thomas, during his tenure as the UK Information Commissioner. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If you have a problem with the Law, its always useful to have access to a Lawyer which can probably answer any questions you have with more of a definitive answer than anyone else, and to that end, you might want to try out the servie LegalAdvice which will allow you to ask a question, and have a Lawyer answer it, for more check out LegalAdvice.

Get Free Legal documents from Docracy

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It is really crazy that you have to sometimes pay for legal documents or forms when in reality you should probably get them for free once your a citizen or legally in the country, but usually you’ll have to folk out a few bucks for a document, but you may be able to save a couple of dollars using the service Docracy.

A Guide to dealing with the Police

FWC Law Enforcement

Image by Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission via Flickr

You may not have or may have had to deal with the Police in the past but it just doesn’t ever workout positively for you, well maybe you need to check out these two useful guides on how to deal with Police, HERE & HERE.

Legal Disclaimers in Emails Mean Nothing?

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Sometimes we receive email and it has some legal statements saying you are now bound to xyz agreement but does that really count, Well apparently not but to see the reasons why you’ll need to check out this article, HERE.

Rental Rights!


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So you probably don’t know as someone that rents a place, you are not just subject the the whim of your landlords every command, some things are your right, but you need to know what rights you have, check out this great article that talks about renters rights by state, HERE.

Speed Up Card Recovery

USA - Dept of Commerce - National Marine Fishe...

Image by conner395 via Flickr

One of the quickest ways to ensure you don’t have to wait long for replacement cards if you lose your wallet is to report the wallet lost, this way all items that need to be replaced will be done so a little quicker with your office police statement, check out the logic behind there HERE.

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