Migrating from Coffee to Tea


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Check out this pretty neat guide to venturing into the world of Tea’s if you desire a more healthy drink in the morning instead of Coffee, check out this Lifehacker Guide HERE.

Tips on Lowering your Monthly Bill


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Check out some tips from the good folks at Lifehacker that can help you Lower your Monthly bills by making some changes in your lifestyle, check the article out HERE.

Lifehacker Photography Hacks


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Check out this great article by the people at Lifehacker on 10 different photography hacks for you to try next time you break on the camera and feel creative, check the post out HERE.

Jailbreaking 4.3.2 iOS Guide

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The great people over at Lifehacker has provided a guide on how to jailbreak you device to the 4.3.2 iOS, if you need to see how check out this link to their guide HERE.

Android Rooting Guide

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The good folks at Lifehacker have put together a great set of guides on Rooting pretty much all Android devices that are out there, but there are some exceptions, never the less you should check out the guide, HERE.

iOS Jailbreaking 4.3.1

"Leopard" Icons in Black

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I used to always be after a good iOS Jailbreaking guide but now at days I am not so interested because my iPod Touch 1G doesn’t get software updates anymore,but if you need to update your iOS to the latest jailbroken version, check out this great guide by the people at Lifehacker, HERE.

Today is WorldBackUp day, Here is a Backup Guide!


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The great folks over at Lifehacker have put together a great article on how to setup a backup system at home, or perhaps another small network, It is a must read for people that have more than 1 file they want on their computers, check the article out HERE, and Happy Backup Day!

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