Getting the most out of Multiply Computers

Samsung NC20 - Lid Open - Side View

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So you have a Netbook, a Laptop and a Desktop computer, plus a Home server, well thats just me, but chances are you have a few different computers, how do you best use them all, well check this great Lifehacker article on an approach you can use, HERE.

Using Google Reader as a Read It Later Service

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Check out this cool article that talks about steps you can take to turn Google Reader into a Read It Later type of service, where you can read articles you find interesting later on the go, or when you have time, check out the great Lifehacker guide, HERE.

Video Editing Guide

A video editor operating an AVID video softwar...

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Check out this great series of guides that Lifehacker put together for Video Editing, I think this a great resource for people that want to just mess around and have fun, there are tons of applications out there you can use, and just unlock your creativity, check out the guide, HERE.

Handy Firefox 4 Interface hacks


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So you like the speed behind the browser but the new interface isn’t exactly to your liking, well all you have to do is check out the linked article in this post to check out some common fixes to annoying problems, provided by Lifehacker, HERE.

Hacking your Credit


Image by infomatique via Flickr

Everyone can improve or keep their credit up, so your going to want to check out this great Lifehacker article regarding improving your credit, by hacking it so to speak, check the article out HERE.

Bouncing back from being Fired!

Caption from the English Wikipedia article Gon...

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So you just lost your job, and your feeling like life is the dumps right now, well don’t get stuck in this mode, check out this great Lifehacker article regarding 10 things you can do after getting fired to get out of the funk and back on the job train, check the article out HERE.

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