Add Temperature Sensors to your Computer

Day 126 - The Netduino

Image by uLight.Me via Flickr

If your a true tech and want to ensure that your machine is running at optimal temperatures then you might want to check out this DIY project which will have you adding some LED lighting that will let you know when your machine is too hot or if it just right, for more check out this article HERE.

Photography Star Trails

Tokugen-in's garden

Image via Wikipedia

Check out this pretty useful article on how to take photo’s of Star Trails, which is a really cool idea, and makes for some fun with the kids at night, check out the in’s and out’s of the process HERE.

Get a Broken Light bulb Out of the Socket!

BC base of an incandescent lamp

Image via Wikipedia

So a light bulb just got stuck in the socket and to boot it is also broken so taking it out looks like a dangerous mission unless you don’t mind a few cuts and maybe getting poisoned, well fear not, check out this technique you can use to take out that broken bulb without a scratch, HERE.

Create a Green Screen with your Computer

That's Mr to You

Image by maxymedia via Flickr

So your exploring the creative side of yourself and decided you need a green screen for the next scene in your saga but have no clue where your going to get that from, well fear not, check out this great lifehacker article on how to produce one for yourself, HERE.

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