Take Control of your Social Network Accounts with Bliss Control

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It can become very difficult to maintain various different profiles on different social networks, and it then can be a chore to do simple things like changing your password or uploading a new profile picture, but you can make managing those accounts a bit simpler by using the service Bliss Control.

Keep in touch with Mingly


Mingly (Photo credit: Nicole Lee)

It can be hard to keep up with all your friends and coworkers at times but with the assistance of a social network or two and a web app like Mingly staying in contact with people just got a bit easier for more check out Mingly.

Re.vu might be an Resume Alternative

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If you wanted to display your resume in a new way that would be accessible from pretty much any modern office or location, then you might want to consider using the service Re.vu to display a page that could be used as a resume, and it even offers you a download of your resume if you set it up to do so, for more check out the service Re.vu.

Cut Back On Email Notifications with Notification Control Service

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When you sign up for various services you probably leave all the default settings, and with certain sites you end up getting emails about things going on, or changes etc, but this can become a bit much if your signed up to multiple services and you get drowned in notifications from each one, but now you can retake control of your inbox with the service Notification Control.

Check the Permissions your Social Networking Apps have with MyPermissions

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When it comes to your social networks like Twitter and Facebook you probably have added tons of apps or given other services access to your social networking accounts without really seeing whats going on with these apps, well now you can get a look at all of these apps in one place with the service MyPermissions.

Arrange Lunch with your LinkedIn Pals with LunchMeet for iOS

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If you have a few contacts on LinkedIn that you usually have Lunch with for business purposes or otherwise, then you might want to check out the iOS app LunchMeet which can make it a matter of a few clicks and swipes before all your associates are ready to meet up for lunch, for more check out the iOS app LunchMeet.


Convert your Resume into a Infograph with Vizualize.Me

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If your looking to view your Resume in a new way then you might be interested in the service Vizualize.Me which will take your Linkedin Resume and turn it into a Infograph, for more on this service check out Vizualize.Me.

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