Install Windows Programs on Linux with Ease using PlayOnLinux

Gnome 3 Snapshot

Gnome 3 Snapshot (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Although you can use WINE to emulate Windows programs in your Linux desktop, perhaps you would like to actually install these apps on your Linux desktop and then run them, well you can sort of do this using the program PlayOnLinux that makes it easy to run Windows programs on your Linux Desktop using WINE to emulate the Windows environment, for more check out PlayOnLinux for Linux Distros.

Do your Screen Captures with Shutter for Your Linux Desktop

Tux, the Linux penguin

Image via Wikipedia

When you need to do some Screen capturing on your Linux Desktop you might have wished you had a OS like Windows which has tons of options when it comes to free Screen Capturing, but you can now dash those fears away, because you can use the Linux program Shutter for your Screen Capturing Needs.

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