Arrange Lunch with your LinkedIn Pals with LunchMeet for iOS

Image representing LinkedIn as depicted in Cru...

Image via CrunchBase

If you have a few contacts on LinkedIn that you usually have Lunch with for business purposes or otherwise, then you might want to check out the iOS app LunchMeet which can make it a matter of a few clicks and swipes before all your associates are ready to meet up for lunch, for more check out the iOS app LunchMeet.


Lunch Bag that Double as a Black Board

A chalkboard.

Image via Wikipedia

If you have to fix lunch for your little ones everyday why not have a bag for the lunch that is like a black board where you can write a message on the bag or whatever not, might sound far out, but it may not be that crazy, check out this article for more on how you can do this for you kids, HERE.

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