Make Copying Large Blocks of text easier on Mac’s using SlideMode

English: MacBook Pro at the desktop.

English: MacBook Pro at the desktop. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When your using a MacBook or any Mac, you might find it hard at times to select a large block of text to copy, and this probably is more of an issue when using a trackpad for your mouse, than on desktops but regards of your hardware platform you might find it a bit easier using keyboard shortcuts that can be provided by the program SlideMode for Mac OS.

Protect yourself on Public WiFi networks with Clock for Mac & iOS

Wi-Fi Signal logo

Wi-Fi Signal logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When you join a Public WiFi network, you are taking a big chance in terms of sending any type of personal data over the network, because these networks are unsecured and your information is up for the taking, but you can eliminate this threat by employing a program called Cloak which will setup a VPN connection over the public WiFi network, making your data a lot more secure, for more check out Clock for Mac OS X & Clock for iOS.

Hidden For Mac’s, Macbook Theft Recovery Software!


Image via Wikipedia

So you turned around to put that book back on the shelf at the library and bang some dude doing the 100 yard dash, just grabbed your laptop and jetted out the library at max warp, Now what! Well not to fear my friend you read this article a few weeks before and installed this program called Hidden which by the way is free until January 11, If your interested in low jacking your Mac check out more information about the program HERE.

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