MenuMeter is a Free System Monitor for Macs


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If your looking for a System monitor type program for your Mac then you need to check out the program MenuMeter which is free and has a lot of neat features that make it a great program for your system resource monitoring needs, for more check out the program MenuMeter.

Free Text Extender for Mac OS


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Usually its hard to find Mac OS software that are free and also useful, because there aren’t a lot of people writing for apple, but here comes a Free useful program for your Text Extender needs, check out DashExtender.

OS Track gives your the Hardware info on your Mac

The Macintosh 128K was the first commercially ...

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If you like to know what your CPU and Ram are doing at any given moment while your on your Mac then you might want to give the program OS Track a try.

Sync your Android device Wireless with Cheetah Sync

Android robot logo.

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If your not into syncing your device with a wire because of the advent of WiFi and other wireless standards then you’ll be interested in the program Cheetah Sync for your android device that can sync it up with a Mac or PC, check out the app Cheetah Sync.

Bring Windows 7 Style Dock Preview to Mac

Windows 7

Image by Jon Bradley Photography via Flickr

If you are like me then you like the Preview feature now part of Windows 7 taskbar, and when your on your Mac you wish you had that feature sometimes, well you can add this type of functionality to your system, just check out this program that can do it for you, HERE.

Turn your Mac into a Home Security Device

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Your always trying to find ways to get the most out of your Mac and here is another pretty useful usage for that expensive machine, Turn your Mac into a Home Security Monitor of sorts, using a pretty cool program, find out more about how this works HERE.

Keep your Mac Running like a Champ

Screenshot of Mac OS X Snow Leopard, released ...

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You probably are wondering where are all the cool utilties you can find for windows that does stuff like clean out your system for junk files and give a general tune up of the OS, well check out this program that Mac users should check out that will hopefully keep your machine running smoothly, HERE.

Another way to Manage your Files on Windows or Mac

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You may wish that you could tag files similar to the way you currently tag MP3 files, and now you can with this great program, check out the programs homepage, HERE.

Switching from PC to Mac?

Screenshot of Mac OS X Snow Leopard, released ...

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So your moving on from a perfectly fine PC to a Mac cause your rich now and don’t mind to buy name brand computer stuff, need a guide to using that new MAC because your a windows person check this  article out, HERE.

Change Your OSX Dock Icons

Dock (Mac OS X)

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Came across this great article on how to change the icons on you OSX Dock, I don’t usually post MAC OSX hacks but this one is a goodie, don’t usually see many ways to tinker with the OSX desktop so i had to post the article, check it out HERE.

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