Quick Access to your Inbox from Mail on your iPad

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If you find it a bit annoying to have to find a way to get back to your inbox when a email is sent to your iPad then perhaps its time you swipe to the right while the device is in portrait mode, which will take you right to your inbox, this is assuming you have a mail on your iPad’s screen, for more check out this article HERE.

Rid yourself of Junk Mail with 41Pounds.org


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If your tired of receiving tons of Junk mail a week and wish you could some how get all that crap out of your mail box, then you might want to check out the service 41pounds.org which will do this for you for a very modest fee, for more check out 41pounds.org.

Add Screenshot’s to your Outlook 2010 Emails

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If your a Outlook 2010 user then you might be looking for an easy way to include screenshot’s into your emails, well then you should check out this post that has a way to do just that, HERE.

DIY Mail Sorting System For your Home

Correio (Postman).

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So mail can sometimes become annoying, and lay all over the place, least in my house I know i leave mail all over the place If it doesn’t require my attention ASAP, so check out this Mail sorting system you can setup in your house to make things more tidy, check the article out HERE.

Fake Email Address or Not?

Sample of simple email delivery (animated).

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So you have received an email from someone but your not sure about the email address it just sounds a bit shady, before you panic check out this pretty useful guide on determining weather an email address is legit or a fraud, HERE.

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